Friday, 3 June 2011

MARA's essay

Today, I would like to keep in memory my MARA essay so it could be reviewed by my friends or maybe juniors in the future...still vividly etched in my mind the circumstances of MARA's interview session : it was really weird and strange this year interview; the TASK is making a spaghetti bridge that can withstand the weight of a can of sardines, proudly to say my team and I managed to do it successfully although the bridge was totally in topsy-turvy condition. After the bridge activity, there will be a short viva-voce or in other words a simple conversation with the nice panels...they're very kind and friendly. As expected the topic sounded like this:
1) Who do u think the most suitable to be the leader of the previous activity?
2) What is the characteristic of a LEADER?
and the others provoke my group, they provoked a girl who's seem to be so quiet but it's an obvious advantage actually if someone can answer it well :P


My name is Muaz bin Abdullah, the proud fourth son of Abdullah bin Abu Hassan and Norizan bt Harun. Specifically, someone who will bring the family to an eternal freedom from financial difficulty without seeing my parents expressing sweat and toil anymore to support the family. Born on 12thFeb 1993 at Hospital Besar Melaka, I am the 5th from seven members in my family. I stay with my family at Gemencheh, a very serene rural area near to Tampin, N. Sembilan. My father is a self-employed and he’s doing a lot of odd jobs in order to sustain our moderate life. I completed my primary school at one of the rural schools in this area, Sekolah Kebangsaan Gedok. During the year 2005, I sat for UPSR examination and scored 5A’s. For the good achievement, I was offered to pursue my secondary level at S.M. Sains Tuanku Ja’afar, Kuala Pilah, N. Sembilan. I sat for PMR examination in the year 2008 and I got 8A and so I had been guerdoned ‘Zamrud Award’. I passed SPM examination in the year 2009 with flying colours, that’s 9A+, for which I am the only student in my school that achieved straight A+. Although I am required to face new environments, mainly to be transferred into the hostels and be occupied with various kinds of co-curriculum activities, but I had proved myself that I am capable to excel in academic fields by achieving my targets in every examination.

Studying at S. M. Sains Tuanku Ja’afar really gave me real challenges in co-curriculum to make me into a brilliant learner, outstanding leader and all-rounded student. I am the Exco of Spiritual Bureau in the Prefectorial Board or literally Majlis Kepimpinan Pelajar, the Exco of Lajnah Usrah & Ceramah in the Islamic Body or literally Badan Dakwah & Rohani (BADAR), the Captain for STJ Knight Chess Team, the President for STJ Chess Club etc. These posts helped me to emerge as a responsible leader who can manage the teamwork among my friends very well other than enhancing my communication skills and disciplines in time managements. I also participated in the 1st Masterskill Asean + Youth Team Chess Championship in international level, 2nd runner-up in Tan Sri Hamzah Trophy Cricket Championship SBP Interschool in national level, MSSM Chess Championship for 4 years etc. which polished my thinking skills and toughen my mental and physical endurance in any circumstances. Well, to be an excellent student, I must show my big potential in academic and co-curricular. With active involvement in club and society, I can muster up my courage and increase my self-confident so that I can be an assertive person who can share my opinion and ideas in a group discussion. Futhermore, it is crucial for me to maintain the balance between co-curriculum and academic, and to show that I am always consistent; I was awarded with Academic Award Achievement every single year in primary and secondary school, obtaining merit in National Physics Competition, has been crowned ‘Top Individual Co-curricular Award’ for sports and games in 2008, and being one of the 363 candidates who scored all A+ in every subjects taken for SPM 2010. Proudly to say, I am also has been nominated as the receiver of ‘Full Colours SBP Award’.

To become a doctor is my dream in my whole precious life. Why it is so? For me, happiness in health is something that can not be obtained by a mere sum of money. There are more people out there, who suffered from various kinds of dreadful diseases such as the incurable Spinocerrebullar Ataxia, lung cancer and brain tumour. My weakness is, I can not stand myself to see those people who desperately in need of medical treatment. To assist them in the way I can, is a satisfaction for me. I am gladly pleased if I can serve my own people to achieve a more stable, well-managed quality of life especially for the poor, the disables and elders. The doctors are noble because they willingly sacrifice most of their leisure time to help those who need them. According to the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the ratio number of doctors to patients is 1:600 in 2010. Government hopes that the ratio will be reduced to 1:400 by the year 2020, making the doctor profession is greatly demanded right now. In addition, less number of bumiputera is involved in this crucial field, so I am called to answer the summons from the government in order to increase the number of Malay specialists in medicine.

I hope to continue my studies doing medicine at one of the most prestigious country that promises to shape a great doctor, United Kingdom. 'The education system in U.K is one of the best in the world', in 2007, Independent IMD World Competitiveness Report stated that UK education is of the highest international quality. In 15th January 1971, a number of institutions are recognized as the top qualified medical university in teaching medicines by Malaysia Medical Centre, including Dundee University, Oxford University and Cambridge University. I keenly interested to continue my study in University of Oxford. Good University Guide 2010, published by the London-based newspaper The Times had made a research and survey about the top medical university in UK and University of Oxford has been recognized as the first rank among the top medical universities. The guide ranks universities by a range of factors, including research quality and level of student satisfaction. The University has long experience of helping overseas students settle in, academically and socially, so they are soon able to make a great contribution to their own country. Other than that, it is equipped with various sophisticated, latest teaching equipments in medical and as a modern country, their technologies in medicine are brilliant. In my opinion, I am pleased if I got the opportunity to learn their way of handling the technologies, and later after I graduated, I will go back to my beloved country, Malaysia in order to improve the status of medicine by means of serving my own races and people.

Basically, it will take about 5-6 years to finish up the medical course before getting the Bachelor of Medicine (BM). All fresh graduates are required to work for the Ministry of Health for 2 years which is doing postings in Houseman-ship to garner more experience. On completion, I hope to continue my studies to widen my knowledge and professionalism in medical course. In general, medicines have various specialization including Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology (O&G), Orthopedics, Pathology, Cardiac surgeon and Neurosurgeon. I am keenly interested to specialize in neurosurgeon because I really want to save people that is suffered from brain tumour, Parkinson and cancer which is the current top disease in Malaysia especially the breast and cervical cancer. Besides, when studying about nervous system in Biology, I realised that my enthusiasm towards neurosurgery bloomed enormously. So I hope I can enjoy the savour of the deep interest and it will keep me strong until I become the international outstanding neurosurgeon. Presently, there are only 74 neurological specialists and this shortage has caused a big difficulty for the Malaysian to get the expertise services. So, I determined to devote my expertise in the government hospitals aiding our own people, especially the poor patient. I have no interest to work in other countries because my priority is to serve my nation but not to the high salary offered by them.

These are all about me, my education and career planning if I were chosen to be one of the auspicious MARA scholarship holders. For me, money comes second after the satisfaction of treating the patients. I believe by being a doctor, I’ll end up with a job that will make me appreciate life even more because as a doctor, definitely I’ll encounter a person with no legs, cancer, or blind. Furthermore, I got to learn about our body, the miracles of science, and the perfection of God’s creation. Thus, it makes me closer to God even more and consequently I will get a job that more than just a worldly job. I hope I will be rewarded with billion of money that will make me success in the upcoming eternal life by being a doctor with a heart that is full of sincerity.

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