Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The chemistry of LIFE

Pursuit of Happiness, that's a whopping inspiring movie I've ever watched...what's the real meaning of difficulties/ Have u ever desperately had to bear a big burden on your own shoulder and the words GIVE UP suddenly appeared in the cerebellum of your brain or feel that you're the most unlucky person in the earth. Let's we dissect over this matter deeply and make up our mind on the whole. Well, there're a lot of people in this earth with all walks of life....if we thought we're the worst, we have to attest the thought take a walk to all place around us we'll find that there're someone out there worse than us...some not even have their legs to walk, hands to eat and eyes to see.
so, what's now? the solution is just take the bull by the horns
Hurm, so do I.. taking IB is not that easy, I've heard a lot from the caring seniors through the FB and the feedbacks gained I can say horrifying, frightening and lastly tormenting. They said that the life of IB students is very hectic ....they don't even get enough sleep to proceed the proper life there (but i think they're just making a great satire) But let say it's true, so what's the solution I've to take "when the things get harder, we must be tougher". We must use every chance we have at the utmost so then we can be identified as someone who be grateful to God. Yes, we have to, take a look at our brother and sister in Islam in Palestin Gaza Iraq. They don't even have the chance to lead a simple happy life. So it's our obligation as a moslem to master all the knowledge and grab as much as we could so in the future we could give something to the nation generally and Islam particularly. As, someone who the most loved by God is one who the most beneficial.

When I make a brainstorming or reflection through my life until now...I started to think that I'm far luckier compared to those who can't even secure any scholarship ...they've to pay on their own (FAMA) yup it's not a big deal for those who was born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth. But let's consider for those who can't afford the expenditure and so doesn't have any resolution except to put their studies on the end-point and start making a step to the real world of something for money to sustain their ongoing life.Act the main bulk is all depend on the individualism, if a person had a great passion to success; no one can stop him barring the divine intervention or literally if Allah say yes, he will succeed, but if Allah say no, he will fail. But bear in mind Allah is very fair to his slaves. We just have to grasp the nettle and never turn tail if we met the rigours enroute to success, just bash ahead !! Hang-on there, the gorgeous praiseworthy outcome is awaiting us.

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