Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Countdown has come to its End

After two 5 months hiatus, god willing I'll come back to the reality of what my age should be; college life. Guffaw, Loiter, Sleep should be gradually ceased and the mood study has to be resurrected. Well, the journey towards knowledge is a must for humanrace. As quoted from Aristotle, "All men by nature desire knowledge". So I'm not excluded. Actually, when I'm reminiscing back to the days in the interim before entering KMB, I'm greatly in a peak of regretness. I've not used the free time wisely. Sad to say, I squandered my time on FB, sleeping, watching television over and over can be said a copious routine. Is this can be described as "savoring all the moment" satisfactory? Absolutely not. I've not realised that the ample holiday is actually a great opportunity for me to learn a lot of new things. Then, I'd be on the verge of success. This is actually an eternal verity of life as it's better to master a small skill than to accumulate a big fortune. The pertinent quote about "scholar" that I've long coveted to be
"I've always suspected that too much knowledge is a dangerous things. It's a boon to people who dont have deep feelings; their pleasure comes from what they know about things, and their pride from showing off what they know. But this only emphasizes the difference between the artist and the real scholar".
This is what we call Theory of Knowledge (TOK), we must understand what lies behind every facts of knowledge......not just digest it and cram in our mind, it gonna be futile. Sir Francis Bacon one of the knight in the shining armour of the Scientific Revolution once affirmed knowledge is a power and power is the brain while wealth is the limb. The old adage goes; If you empty you money in your pocket for knowledge, then the knowledge will fill your pocket with money. Knowledge is everything. So all my friends, never stop gaining knowledge even if you meet any difficulties, never give it up as there's no such a thing on a hiding to nothing. So keep bashing on as it's a fact that the journey towards knowledge is very bitter but the result is sweet. The more obstacles the journey, the greater the success.


  1. yup..and now i have been squandered almost all my time on futile nonsense habit of a loser..i must change..i realize that..time do ticks..

  2. yes Mr Azim, thank god we've realised it as actually all the seconds that have gone will be asked by God on what way we use them.

  3. oh nice post, see ya in KMB!!

  4. Yup, never give up on gaining knowledge...knowledge is our future!!