Thursday, 19 May 2011

Going out from the prison of Anxiety

I was on tenterhooks for every seconds in my life before MARA showing up the result of MARA scholarship. I was afraid if I didn't get the scholarship, then I will end up in UM. Thanks God I got the scholarship and Kolej Mara Banting will be my upcoming school doing International Baccalaureate. I'm promised I will do my best in KMB by getting 45 points and performing well in all the assignment and exams. What's more, I'm also hope to be a good moslem by performing all the obligation as a moslems. Hurm, I also wanna make more friends by being friendly and flexible all the time. Live my life with circumspection. Hurm, saving money is also my big plan. I'll spend the money on the road towards knowledge.


  1. We seem to share the same ambition.A neurosurgeon. Your blog is very interesting. I am going to be in KMB too.

  2. Wow..NICE TO SEE U, hurm hope to know u better :P
    feel free to explore this are u under MARA too?