Thursday, 5 May 2011

Touch wood!
Today is Friday 6th May 2011, the JPA PILN result have been postponed to 9th May.
"Don't ever poke your nose into other people bussiness" It's a phrase for a concerned person. You've hit the noise!
Yes, I don't have to be so nosy .......story continues !!

The complete volta-face person started to chum up with anyone within him especially his family and friends. He doesn't wanna churn up inside others' feelings. Circa a week, the intense circumstances backed to normal. All the (used to be) clever Dick had aired their grievances. He had grasped the nettle! Yeap it is unevitable that all people have the emotion that kept controlling their mind set and attitudes. It's the stuff where a tolerant thingy played their role in the field of life. The news did not spread but just end up in the clandestine history based on the synergy trust between themselves. 'Eliminate all the topsy-turvy in the house' was his first step. He would not rest on his laurels. The next steps has to be thoroughly planned so everything will go smoothly without any obstruction.

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