Thursday, 5 May 2011

He was numb with terror. On his face, his sparkling eyes started to spew the tears drop by drop. A sheer nugatory nonsense ideas steamed out in his mind. A tormenting disappointment clearly seen in his gloomy and sobering faces. He was completely nonplussed by all the voice of his siblings that chivvying him to clarify all their curiosity. All of his chums are not exception, they suddenly turned into Nosey Parker. All the voracious persons seemed eager to hear about the chagrined result but he kept putting their nose out of joint. For him, such behaviour was beneath contempt. This was the most difficult viva voce that I had ever experienced. He wandered around wondering how can he toss this off? "I will be swamped by silence. I become quiet. With all the answers in my mind my mouth refuses to speak and my tongue finds peace in quietness". But, is this what we called a great finesse? Feeling full of vim, He proceeded all the upcoming seconds with great circumspection. Well, he have to grin and bear it without any doubt. Accordingly, all the audible noise suddenly flew away and the hissing sound of wind getting obviously heard. He didn't know who is the real villain of the piece. Out of blue, a virago got steamed up and shouted a load of rubbish with sheer visceral rage and fury. She kept bursting out a stream of vitriol, vilifying the certainty about justice of faith. She planned to torpedo the government by virulent and vitriolic criticisms that surely will touch off a big riot. What a touch-and-go sterile effort? Is this an attempt to challenge their virility?
He wanna proceed the battle of his life under his own steam.
He was very keen on the plan to be a doctor at first but he seemed to be running out of steam. He had pinned all his hopes on the career but it seemed the glimmer has turned into a forlorn hope. A hodgepodge of harrowing emotion came bombarding his cerebellum.
Hang In There! 'Resurrection of Zeal and Passion' comes after this!!
Feedback : I couldn't sleep but keep tossing and turning in bed all night admiring the guy's spirit. Many would have given up but he was made of sterner stuff.

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