Saturday, 7 May 2011

Esprit de corps...yup that is all about
to improve the relationship with everyone towards a great solid unity. My sole aim is personal anggrandizement, a preparation towards an ageless success in the future. I have long coveted to be an outstanding person in this life and hereafter. Feeling awestruck, the islamic empire lingered in my mind i.e. khulafa Ar-rasyidin, the Umaiyah, the Abbasiyah and the Ottoman. Basking in the warm afterglow of their success. In history recorded that the all people in the society live a life of affluence but the leaders remained humble or literally zuhud in their life. Yeap it's the stuff of the great leaders that in blessing of Allah S.W.T. Sadly to stay, the leaders on this age even the moslem, most of them deceived by the pleasures of the world. I affirm that this the reason why Islam nowadays is getting weaker and weaker. Moslem in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestin have suffered terribly humiliated by the kuffar without any human's right protection. Things ain't what they used to be. Where're other islamic country....
But the mujahidin there surely not lead for an aimless life just like many of other moslems nowadays who live in a great peaceful circumstances that full of luxuries. Every second, they'll remember the almighty god, Allah S.W.T caused they've been hemmed in by rockets and bombs shining in the sky like drops of rain in the sun's light. The raid took away everyone dear to their heart destroying the childs' dream in a blink of an eye

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