Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Opportunity for early bird buyers

             In this entry, I would like to mention the price and the big chance for the early birds to get free gift "Insoles Lapik Kasut Medikal" worth rm 20.
Price of the "Tali Pinggang Terapi Medikal AHA" per unit is MYR 120.
The early birds approximately first 20 first buyers of the heating belt will obtain the free gift of one unit "Insoles Lapik Kasut Medikal AHA"

The advantages of this insole are there will be an automatic massages on your feet and you will feel like walking on a surface of water.

  • It is flexible following the surface of your feet. 
  • Acts like the enzyme fitting on the substrate make the flow of blood in our feet smooth. 
  • Encouraged for travellers who gonna have a long walk. 

As the saying goes, early bird get the worm, so let's grab this life-time opportunity.

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