Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Practical and imaginative, does human manage to possess both of them?

In this globalised era, the expertise in every field of knowledge is deadly demanded by every people around the globe. In certain disciplined that requires the continuous productive discovery such as Research and Development, practical are undeniably indispensable but bear in mind about the generation of the idea. The only rightful answer is imagination. All in all, it is conclusively obvious that both of the aspects are vitally important. Scientific investigation and research have assumed that human brain tends to influence whether to the left or right side. We know that right side of brain is more to the Arts while left side more to the facts and mathematical calculations or pertinent to the logical. Lots of scientist agreed that all people will be advanced only in one side whether the right or left. Hence scientifically, we reach a conjecture that people cannot be both practical and imaginative. Do you agree with this statement?

Through the history, we can see a lot of new discovery and invention that improve human life. These achievements mostly possessed in a group of people and only miniature number of individually success. Analysing the individual scientist or researchers who manage to make all of the things by themselves such as Ibnu Sina, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein to name but a few. These prominent figures can be considered persons characterized with practical and imaginative personality. Albert Einstein for example, he discovered a lot of theories such as E=mc2 which is formulae for nuclear reaction. This theory has been proven true by a lot of other scientists until it become the most famous and well-known formula all over the world until now. So, based on this explanation we can say that it is not impossible for a human to have extra-ordinary developed minds on both imaginative and practical aspects.

The meticulous researchers have underscored that people can be segregated to two diverging ways of thinking. The end of this ways of thinking continuum is Arts and another one is Mathematics. People who score better in Arts usually have a critical thinking in that disciplines because they can use better on their right brain rather than the left one. But, to what extent does Arts can evaluate the degree of creativity. It is quite doubtful because there is also creativity in Science and Mathematics. So, how about people who got flying colors result in Math and Science? So, this subjective arbitrary unit is hard to be measured and anomalies likely to happen by chance.

In nut shell, this sort of opinion is unnecessarily true for all the time. Hence, all people have the potential to success in everything they did. This picayune opinion somehow can bring an efficacy effects to the cantankerous people who will easily give up in science stream when they know that they are bad in it and good in Arts. The sole indisputable answer is we have been created equally and only manners will eventually differentiate between one people and another. Hence, it is not a genetic that will decide our life, it is our attitude.

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